Thursday, October 21, 2010

We fall down, but we get up

Life has many ways to throw "curve balls" at you and along our way sometimes we fall down. No matter how we fall down, or how hard we fall, the truth is, it isn't how you fall, but it is how you get back up. Life is down right hard sometimes, but thank God that He loves us enough to help us get out of our situations. In Acts 3 the man who had been laying at the gate for most of his life finally was given something one day that would change his life forever. When he was told that all He had to do was get up because he was healed, he didn't believe it at first. Sometimes if we could just hear what the Lord is telling us to do instead of laboring in our mess forever, I bet some of our situations would change. It is time for us to get up. Some people say, "but I am at my last resort," or "You have no idea how deep i'm in over my head." Well good, because now you can meet a man named Jesus who will pull you out of that mess no matter how deep you are in. We may fall down, but a saint, a Christian is just someone who really gets back up.
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