Thursday, August 12, 2010

Search & Rescue

After reading and studying just to find out more about Jesus and the characteristics of Him I have found out that yes He was a nice and awesome man, but He did have some frustrations as well. One frustration I think He had was dealing with the fact that He just wants people to see what He can see.
We read in the Gospels man scriptures that talk about Jesus asking people why they can not see or understand what is going on around them. It is our duty and job to try and see what God wants us to see. He saw so many people who are lost and wants us as Christians to go out and search and rescue those that are separated from Jesus Christ. We are on a mission to be apart of the search and rescue team to reach out and and find those that are lost.
Why should we just sit back in our comfortable spot while some of our friends and family are struggling to stay above the water. it is time for us to go on search and rescue !!!

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